Recent Before & After Photos

Sewer Backup in Arnold, MO

A sewer line issue caused a sewer backup in this Arnold house. Sewage, including some fecal matter, came out of the basement toilet and affected several rooms. ... READ MORE

Emergency Water Mitigation on Saturday Night

This customer in Arnold, MO discovered that, after completing a load of laundry, the washer had leaked throughout the basement. It was nearly 9PM on a Saturday ... READ MORE

Candle Fire in St. Louis, MO

This time of year, we begin to see (and smell) candles more often. As inviting as they may be, they are still a hazard and can cause a fire like the one this St... READ MORE

Flood Damage in Arnold, MO

With the Meramec River in our backyard, Jefferson County is prone to flooding. When inches of rain falls overnight, its not uncommon floor flooding to occur. Th... READ MORE

Wind Damage Affecting Even the Basement

This home went through a storm that brought also brought a tornado. Not only did the home suffer from wind damage that affected the upstairs, the basement was e... READ MORE

Storm Damage During a Remodel

This home was in the middle of a remodel when a storm came through and caused a lot of damage to the structure. The storm brought lots of strong winds and a tor... READ MORE

Pet Stains in Oakville, MO

Do you have indoor pets that track in unwanted dirt or mud? Does your pet ever get sick...on your carpet? Has your pet had indoor potty accidents? Most do. But ... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Barnhart, MO

When was the last time you had your ductwork cleaned? If you have pets or are prone to allergies, we recommend getting your ducts cleaned twice a year. This Bar... READ MORE

Biohazard in Fenton Crawlspace

SERVPRO of Arnold/North Jefferson County was able to serve this customer by removing hazardous debris from this concrete crawlspace. Our heroes gear up and craw... READ MORE

Crawlspace Sewage in Fenton, MO

Beneath a mobile home in Fenton, MO, this customer had a pipe issue that cause sewage to occupy the crawlspace. It was a concrete slab. After the pipe was fixed... READ MORE